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Would U like to Kiss?

     Arch dandies high on mescaline preaching the wisdom of the stars. And the story goes on: once you sniff you can’t stop. Wish of hope is out once you start stuffing your mind with heroin. So as it say: Would you like to give God the obscene kiss? Show them what you got… Battery operated penis, and plastic tits. What do you expect to find here - A homophobic, pedophilic master in the white suit, wit the crown of thongs? Light entertainment – war, young girls with cute bras, and horny little males’ wit hard on. But never stop believing, it’s the key to success. Pretending to be clever they are doing very good job… So what turns you on? What gets you up in the morning? …A.c.i.d.


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Ąžuolo tankmėj,
paskendo senė Mūza,
geriau jau duona.




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